Become Successful With AdWords

PPC training, management and consulting from Stefan Klinke

Training is empowerment. Google Done Right helps you help yourself!

Through easy-to-follow training by an AdWords Specialist and Xoogler, you will learn how to create and run successful in-house Google AdWords advertising campaigns on your own without wasting your advertising money.

I will teach you everything needed to know to run a successful AdWords campaign yourself and support you on the way.

Google Done Right seminars are suitable for Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Office Managers as well as other support staff.

Yes, you can!

You are worried or apprehensive about running an entire online marketing campaign by yourself? Donít be!

Knowing e-mail or comfortably navigating the Internet such as on Facebook is the only prerequisite necessary in order for you to learn to run your own successful AdWords campaign. Read more...

Save & make money

Learning Google AdWords properly from the beginning and knowing about the program’s pitfalls has 2 major advantages:

  1. It saves you money
  2. It makes you money

Seminar packages & structure

Google Done Right seminars cover a range from Free AdWords Intro Seminars to Premium Personalized Seminars.

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Blog: Tips & Pitfalls

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